Launch of Crafty Bits Art Project

The launch of the Crafty Bits Art Project , this project is a joint venture the  Welcome English Immigrant Centre and  The Presentation Brothers , who are  very kindly providing  funding  for this project took place on Thursday November 7th 2019.

Br. Kevin Mascarenhas  Presentation Brothers and Angela Murphy Centre Coordinator, Welcome English spoke about the project and how important it was to the inclusion of the students participating in it.

The project is looking at the medium of learning the English language through art.  The students involved are all from a very different back grounds i.e. Asylum Seekers, Resettlement Refugees, Family Reunification and through this project co-ordinated by their tutor Hilary O’Shea the students get an opportunity to create their own crafts and also learn English. The work created so far was on display at the launch. The students come from Syria, Kurdistan, Bangladesh, Togo, Dr. Congo.

The launch was attended by the Sisters of Mercy Provincial Team led by Sr. Eileen O’ Flynn , Provincial Leader and also members of the Provincial Team of the Presentation Brothers led by Br. Ray Dwyer and some Presentation Brothers. Further plans to expand the project after Christmas to other classes are underway. 2 Workshops were also to take place in November and December through An Intercultural Dialogue Café taster session. This would bring together staff and students to share their cultures . The workshops will be facilitated by Cork City Partnership led by Mella Magee and staff. It is hoped that these workshops will also be expanded in 2020 throughout the centre.