Date: 22 Jan 2019

Community Sustainable Livelihood Initiative Project by the Presentation Brothers works towards increasing youth self-employment within the Hain Community in the Jirapa District where the Brothers live and engage in the education ministry. Through this project implementation, is it beginning to improve economic status and turn the fortunes of young people (School Dropouts and Teenage Mothers) and, thereby, and the long-term reduction of poverty levels in the area. 

Core Objectives:

Ø  Increase skills of 30 young people (Women) in basket weaving, soap making, tie and dye batik of 30 young women entrepreneurs, and 10 additional young men in the first year.

Ø  Expand the businesses of 40 young women (seamstresses and petty traders) and 10 young men (Tailoring).

Ø  Increase the influence of young people over the business environment-opportunities, available supports grants, business training, business exposure fairs and gender job stereotyping in the Hain community.

Through hard work this special initiative on livelihood empowerment project for young despaired teenager dubbed Presentation Brothers Pogba-Tietaa Association has been established for young Teenage Mothers and young men who have dropped out of schools at Hain in the Upper West Region where the Presentation Brothers run a primary and Junior High Secondary School. The project was necessitated by the high numbers of school dropouts and alcohol abuse among teenagers in the area and its environs.  The project offered skills training in basketry and beads making, soap production among others.  It aims at giving hope these people, that they are capable and can make it better in life than their present situation.

The project received support funding from St. Vincent De Paul Society, Ireland for the Training of the young girls.  There are 30 of such young girls and 5 boys who are benefitting from the project.  After completion, they will be put into groups to begin their own income generating through the above activities. At the moment there is a good market for the products in the Jirapa District. 

The weaving baskets and the Teenage mothers displaying their handy works with smiles. The products very beautiful with artistry.  Help put more and big smiles on these young people as they are more than willing to acquire the necessary skills for self-sustenance. There is an old development adage which says, teach people how to fish for themselves rather than fishing for them. Please grab your own Basket now for keeping your pen-drives, pens, soaps, for marketing, for your room waste paper etc. they are also environmentally friendly.  

Br. James Derbuo Der who is the CEO and the brain behind of the establishment of the project applauded St. Vincent De Paul Society, Ireland for the funds and support to reduce poverty of the young people through the skills training.

The chiefs and elders of the Hain Traditional area examining the baskets produced by their daughters who were but described useless and waste persons. Resources are not, they become, and no human resource is useless until it is properly put to use for an intended purpose.