Lux Edmundi

Lux Edmundi is a monthly meeting for those interested in Catholic education. The group meets at Mardyke House in Cork city.

Each meeting begins with a brief period of silent prayer followed by a study of some feature of the life and charism of Blessed Edmund Rice. This is followed by a reflection on an aspect of Catholic education. The meeting concludes with evening prayer. 

Reflections (in pdf format)

December (Christmas) 2017 Reflection

November 2017 Reflection

October 2017 Reflection

September 2017 Reflection

August 2017 Reflection

July 2017 Reflection

June 2017 Reflection

May 2017 Reflection

May 2017 Reflection (Feast Day)

April 2017 Reflection

March 2017 Reflection

March 2017 Lent

February 2017 Candlemas Reflection

January 2017 Reflection

December 2016 Christmas Reflection

November 2016 Reflection

September 2016 Reflection

August 2016 Reflection

July 2016 Reflection

June 2016 Reflection

May 2016 Reflection for Memoria of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice

April 2016 Reflection

March 2016 Easter Reflection

February 2016 Reflection for Lent

January 2016 Reflection

December 2015 Reflection

November 2015 Reflection

October 2015 Reflection

September 2015 Reflection

August 2015 Reflection - Back to school

July 2015 Reflection - The Our Father

June 2015 Reflection - Reflective practioners

May 2015 Reflection

April 2015 Reflection

March 2015 Reflection

Lent 2015 Reflection

Advent 2014 Reflection

November 2014 Reflection

August 2014 Reflection

June 2014 Reflection

May 2014 Reflection (on the Holy Name of Jesus)

Easter 2014 Reflection

March 2014 Reflection on the Annunciation

For further information, please contact Dr Frank Steele: luxedmundi <at> gmail <dot> com